Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Radical Christians

Son #1 sent a link to David French over at The Corner, Oprah, Snowflakes, and Despair. Excellent brief commentary, which includes a further link to one of the David Platt books, which French can only give a qualified recommendation to.

I am of two minds.  It is of course true that the American Dream and Christian teaching are not the same thing.  My first impulse is usually to sigh, roll my eyes, and mutter, straw man.  Who thinks that they are the same, really? Then I remember that there are Christians who do, at least partially.  Enough so that the David Platt's of the world should smack them around a bit, even if they themselves oversimplify in turn.

I am unusually fortunate in being spared the worst of evangelical excess, and thus overrate how reasonable we are. I raise the caution that many of the people who enjoy writing about the Church's falseness have their own cultural, political, and personal needs that they have little awareness of, driving them to be Great Deplorers.  But they aren't making this stuff up out of nothing.  Their unbalance may be closer to the reality than mine.


Sam L. said...

Becoming adrift in one's life can be hard on a person.

james said...

I've heard quite a few sermons and inspiring exhortations about evangelism, but I can't recall any about 1 Thess 4:11

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Much simpler, but much harder