Monday, May 09, 2011


My reaction to the Perkins trade in February:
If O'Neal is not healthy throughout the playoffs, then this is a bad trade. The championship window for the Celtics is narrowing quickly - perhaps this is the last year. If they do not win, the idea that Perkins could have put us over the top will become commonplace. So this is a risky trade in that sense.


Ben Wyman said...

We couldn't outrebound them when it mattered most. And that's the game. Of course, that terrible play at the end of regulation really doomed us. We didn't have the legs to play an extra period.

All of our crunch-time lineups featured Garnett at center and Pierce or Green at PF. I don't mind that as an option, but it turns out it's our only option. Sigh.

JC said...

May I take it that this post has nothing to do with coffee?