Monday, May 16, 2011


I'm coming up on 3000 posts. Rather amazing.

Is there an internet tradition of Monday Bear-Blogging, or only at Volokh? I've never done it myself, but I include Jonathan Adler's Don't Fear Mama Bear, based on a NYTimes article, for your enjoyment. The thought is that the mother-defending-her-cubs routine is not the biggest danger in the woods. The key line:
By contrast, “the kind of bear you need to be afraid of is not feeling threatened by you — it’s testing you out as a possible prey item,” said Dr. Herrero, a professor emeritus at the University of Calgary. “It’s quiet. It stalks you just like a lion might stalk you.”
I can't say I find that comforting.

My contribution is to mention that according to my daughter-in-law, elementary school teachers in Jackson have to go out on the playground and bang pots or other noisy items to scare the bears away so that the children can go out for recess.

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