Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Defunct Blog

In the context of discussing Fair Trade coffee over at Volokh, I sent the link to one of the more brilliant people I know. He replied with a link to a post he had made on his own blog in 2006.

He hasn't posted in five years. He is less conservative than most of you reading here. Yet I think you will find The Modo Blog interesting. Background: He is board-certified in both psychiatry and internal medicine - that's rare. I imagine the word "prodigy" got thrown around a lot when he was a lad, especially as he is half-Chinese and plays the violin, fitting the stereotype. He's a Trekkie, of course. His wife is quite liberal, and a powerful presence, so he must have some personal strength of character to have maintained even a moderate Republicanism, especially when he was in Vermont. He left our hospital for the Concord Hospital psychiatric unit six months ago. We miss him terribly.

One of my three favorite psychiatrists to work with over the last 35 years.

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