Saturday, May 28, 2011

MWBOT13 - Opinions

My uncle, mentioned many times here, sends this article about how we use our reasoning to justify our opinions, not arrive at them. It's a short, punchy overview article, which gathers pretty flowers from this field of research without staying too long in any one place. But it does include some flowers I have missed in this discussion. Jonathan Haidt is one of my favorite researchers on these topics, BTW. He is personally quite liberal politically, but keeps pointing out with amusement how biased liberals are in their thinking compared to conservatives.

Not the ironies of the author's language choice as well. In an article informing us that our opinions might be suspect, he still cannot avoid suggesting that it is other people's opinions that are suspect, not he and his friends. Sigh. They're getting closer over there. I should be glad, I suppose.

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