Friday, September 10, 2010

Fighting Or Working

Katrina Swett running for the Democratic nomination, has signs promising to fight for the middle class. I remind you once again that Democrats promise to fight for you, Republicans to work for you, and this sums up rather neatly their differing attitudes on how the good things of the world come to people.

It is also interesting that it is the middle-class, not the downtrodden, who Ms. Swett is focusing her energy on.


Gringo said...

One irony about the Demos using the "We will fight for you" slogan is that the Demos have been the "Make love not war" party ever since McGovern won the nomination in 1972, with few exceptions.[Disclaimer: I voted for McGovern.]

Who would you rather have to protect you in a fight, a Pub or a Demo? Bawney Frank or Colonel Alan West? [that was mean]

IMHO, draft-dodging Dubya would make a better bodyguard than Medal of Honor winning John Kerry - whatever those medals were that he later claimed to have thrown away. :)

Texan99 said...

Championing the middle class seems to be fighting the rich, and fighting the rich means taking their stuff and giving it to your supporters.