Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Deconstruction Revisited

This is a subsection of "Best of March/April 2007."

Deconstructionism is Dungeons and Dragons for the self-deceived, a jargon-ridden exercise in internal references that has nothing whatsoever to do with any real world. It's a remote island for initiates, but they don't know it. They labor under the delusion that this fantasy role-playing game has some importance. Like D&D, it attracts bright people - but the orc-slayers know it's a game, and treat it with proper irony.

I had a fair bit to say about in in 2007.

Modernism Vs. Postmodernism: Which Philosophical Fashion Is Right For Me? Whenever anyone says anything in favor of postmodernism, opponents will claim they are not talking about real postmodernism and are hiding what they really mean to make it look innocuous.
Whenever anyone says anything against postmodernism, pomos will claim that their opponents are not talking about real postmodernism and are confusing it with something else to make it look evil.
AVI observations: So, whatever you say about postmodernism, you’re wrong. How convenient for everyone. But what an advantage for me! If whatever I say, I’m going to be wrong, that’s my natural habitat...

Deconstruction: A related discussion

Deconstruction Followup Conference, in which I start to have fun with this.

Blogging Against Sexism, which in turn led to a fascinating discussion about male and female humor, despite the PC title.

Followed by a more serious take not really about lacrosse
The Gang of 88 are not ignoring the facts because they are inconvenient, as most folks encountering uncomfortable realities would be. They are ignoring them because they consider them unimportant. This is a type of unreality most of us are not familiar with...

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