Monday, July 19, 2010

Vindication: Codevilla!

I am expecting visitors - perhaps many visitors - here at Assistant Village Idiot. Indeed, they have already started to arrive, and me without a post to show. The American Spectator article by retired BU professor Angleo Codevilla enitled America's Ruling Class - And the Perils of Revolution affirms and improves upon everything I have been saying about the Arts & Humanities Tribe for years (including, Terri and others, why the people like us who actually read Medieval and Renaissance literature for pleasure and knowledge were always unpromoted footsoldiers in the A&H Tribe, useful but little-regarded. Ungrateful bastards.)

For those coming over because of my comments about Codevilla elswhere, I direct you to my Tribes Collection, a list of 28 themed posts, each with a teaser, over a few years time. Codevilla's essay is more valuable. Read it in full before sampling the buffet here. But if you liked Codevilla, you will find these posts an enjoyable supplement.

I do have further posts on this, already swimming around in my head, so please, check back. We're small enough here that your comments won't be lost in the crowd.

I'll have to update my profile, I think. But right now, I'm working on a chimney before the sun goes down.


Hank Pyro said...

I was blown away by Codeville's piece and started forwarding and tweeting and retweeting.

Everyone knows about cronyism/elitism/insders/bureaucratism/the aristocracy of pull/the political class/the ruling class. We just don't don't very much about them. Codevilla rips off the mask for all to see. And it ain't all that pretty.

terri said...

Un-promoted foot soldier?

I only let them think that to further my ruse as I spied on them and slowly planted the seeds for total world domination....which will take place once I've finished assembling my robot army.

Seriously, though, why am I always getting called out by name in your posts! ;-)

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Oh, sorry. I thought you'd find it chummy and complimentary.

terri said...

Chummy and two favorite traits!

I'm not really bothered...just kidding around.