Tuesday, July 20, 2010

At A Department Meeting

"I'm not really a liberal. I see myself as a Creative Anarchist."

I think that's sufficient evidence to be assured the speaker is a liberal.


jaed said...

"I really am a liberal, but sense that it is too boring and establishment a description for an unconventional and fascinating free spirit such as myself."

Perhaps that's too harsh...

... nah. ;-) It reminds me of people who say, "I'm not religious... I'm spiritual."

Gringo said...

If the "creative anarchist" works with AVI, then the "creative anarchist" works for the state government. That is an oxymoron, as an anarchist believes in a society without government. Rather like a pacifist voluntarily in the army.

jaed nailed it. One could make a fortune buying libs for what they are worth, and selling them for what they think they are worth.[joke stolen from one about Argentines.]

jaed said...

Actually, now that I think about it with my snark setting dialed down to something below "Nuclear", AVI's co-worker makes an interesting distinction by his choice of description.

The co-worker may well see "liberal" as meaning "establishment" - someone dedicated to maintaining the status quo, with some improvements around the edges. He may be distinguishing himself not just aesthetically but also politically from this sort of liberal.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

jaed, now that you mention it, his real political position is being cynical about conservatives.