Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I updated my profile, away from cuteness to bare facts. As I like that info when determining the credibility of other bloggers, I thought I should do that for my own readers. Between that and chimney repair (repairs not encouraging), I did not organise much on further Codevilla posts. And tomorrow evening we are having what's left of the congregation over.

I do have two other things previously promised going up. I should keep promises rather than show off for larger audiences of visitors - which according to my stats, may have come and gone.

God is reminding me to love those who have been faithful to me, I suspect.

I love you guys.

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Kurt said...

Aha. So those are the facts. I guessed you might have gone to W&M from your comments about Glenn Close on Neoneocon the other day, but I wasn't sure.