Saturday, July 03, 2010

Other Salons

What other blogsites do each of you also visit? The subject comes up because there was an exchange between commenters over at neo's that referred to interactions the two of them had had on another site.

You are allowed to list your own, BTW.

In addition to my sidebar, I follow a fair number of Instapundit's daily links, which includes many of the same sites repeatedly.


A_Nonny_Mouse said...

What other sites?

I usually can't GET to these all in a day, have to spread them out thru the week:

AssistantVillageIdiot, of course.
Gateway Pundit, & The Anchoress, over at

OK, I know I'm missing some -- but there's a lot of good information at these sites, and LOADS of links to other sites and info.

(What did I ever do to find out what was really going on before blogs were invented? Oh, yeah, I remember: I read the newspapers and watched broadcast news --and back then, I believed they were objectively reporting the news. Only since the Obama campaign have I discovered (1) how they selectively cover some stories and omit others, and (2) how they slant their reporting to support the Progressive world-view.)

Whoops, almost forgot (and these are ALWAYS excellent): Bill Whittle (was, now moved to PajamasMedia); Victor Davis Hanson (also at PajamasMedia); Richard Fernandez (Belmont Club)-ditto.

Donna B. said...

My daily surfing generally follows this pattern:

Assistant Village Idiot

I almost never visit blogs regularly that are mostly political, though I think some would say that Instapundit and Althouse would qualify as mostly political.

By the time I've followed a few links from the above blogs and followed more links from the blogs they link... and so on, blog-reading time has expired.

Occasionally I visit some blogs that I won't list here and would never put on my blog roll because they are written by people so stupidly self-unaware that I feel it's a disservice to them and the world to publicize them... but I can't help being curious about whether they've found a new way to be foolish.

David Foster said...

Just a few... (at which I also blog)

David Foster said...

Forgot one of the best ones

...which is a photoblog about the adventures of an adopted and much-loved coyote.

james said...

Bad time to ask; I'm on a media fast and I cut back hard on the bloglist.
AVI, The Anchoress, Althouse, FirstThings, Internet Monk (they are carrying on after Spencer's death), Touchstone. Belmont Club and Rantburg take too long to read :-( and had to be left off for the month.

Sam L. said...

(another) Jonathan said...

Many of the above, plus:

Augean Stables
Classical Values
Jim Miller on Politics
Power Line
Right Coast
Transterrestrial Musings

et al

Kurt said...

Many of the ones already mentioned, but these are the ones that come to mind readily, and they are roughly in descending order of how frequently I check them:
Pajamas Media
Transterrestrial Musings
The Anchoress
Protein Wisdom
Assistant Village Idiot
No Oil for Pacifists
Betsy's Page
Gateway Pundit
Classical Values
Gay Patriot
Michelle Malkin
Gates of Vienna

jlbussey said...

Many of the above, when I can. Here are a few others that I think deserve mention, for when everyone gets tired of all the politics.

John Cox: (Of Cox & Forkum fame.)
Cool Tools:
The Speculist:
Science Daily:


Anonymous said...

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