Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Collapse of Civilization

If you want, this can be an article about sex instead of something academic. Or about rifts among the feminist theorizers. Or a reflection on personal morality's effect on society. Me, I liked the evolutionary psychology and the spectre of civilizational collapse. From the Weekly Standard, The New Dating Game. It's 12 pages, but you're up for it.

CWCID, Instapundit.

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Retriever said...

Horrible account. My poor children, having to find mates in such a vile culture. If anything ever happens to my spouse, all that would be left would be to get me to a nunnery.

And what a horrible culture for young children to be raised in. One of the better reasons for settling is the desire to make a stable and loving home for children. No place for alphas or betas in parenting.