Sunday, July 04, 2010


Rumors that General Petraeus may run for president keep popping up. I have little opinion on the matter at present, but want to note that a bit of information that keeps being offered to support that rumor is in fact irrelevant. Whenever Petraeus visits NH, there is speculation that this means he is starting to campaign here. In fact his domicile is here. It would be a stretch to call it his home, as it is a boathouse on a lake, but Springfield NH is where he votes and has his official residence.

Springfield is darn small, but I have actually been through there at least twice. It is right on Rte 114, which goes near my house, and I have taken to its end - just for the heck of it - in the past. I also cut through there on a trip back from Enfield to Concord once. I don't remember Kolelemuk Lake, but it's only about a quarter mile by a half mile, so I wouldn't be likely to. We've got lots of those up here.

There's apparently some family history in the area on his wife's side, which is how they ended up buying the property.

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