Sunday, October 26, 2008

Working For A Non-Profit

It's not that for-profit enterprises are immune from this sort of nonsense, but get a load of this laudatory newspaper article:
(Deleted's) job entails engaging in community partnerships with leaders of other organizations to determine what might be emerging trends or issues in the community. They try to work together through this process to find solutions to the problems they see.
I imagine a lot of donuts are involved in doing this.


Anonymous said...

Donuts: any policemen involved?

Donna B. said...

Now I'm nauseous. I'd almost forgotten how horrible non-profit "agency coalitions" are when it comes to planning.

It's almost as bad as they are when it comes to carrying out the plan.

I'm still in recovery from several years of non-profit work, all on the administrative side. I left there loving the "clients" and thinking they were a lot less crazy than much of the staff.

Anonymous said...

You know, my experience with alliances and coalitions etc involve calling dozens of organizations that sounded like they could help, but all they did was refer to other organizations that refered ad infinitum, but nobody, nobody anywhere, actually could come out and physically help me care for my autistic child. What were all these guys being paid to DO?