Sunday, May 27, 2007

Musings on Large Issues

For those of you worried that these links might take you to places where you might have to think hard, not to worry. These are all structured so that you can take in the fun part now and think about it later.

Would it be a good thing to live on this earth an extra hundred years, or a thousand? My bias is against, as I wrote in Perpetual Life last year.

That question is tied into what we find important to accomplish in life, which is intimately tied up with whether we have children or not. I slogged through some birthrate tables for developed countries and found a correlation between those who had been oppressors and seemingly national decisions to have no more children. I have since come to wonder if it is national humiliation, which the WWII and communist oppressors have endured, which drives down the birthrate.

I also had fun discussing how no one lives in the real world (except the guys at Home Depot), and how spiritual seeking is really just goofing off.

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