Sunday, May 13, 2007

Assistant Village Idiot Becomes R-Rated

The MPAA is considering adding smoking to the list of things that can get your movie an R rating. I will probably get an exemption, however, as the problem is glamourized smoking, which no one has ever accused me of.

The US Senate is apparently considering getting in the game in a more intense way, by regulating more content. If you read down, you also find they are looking for ways to force content providers to find "ways to encourage" children to eat healthy food. How well did that work when Popeye tried it? Mothers all over America tried to use Popeye to sell the spinach idea when I was a lad, but I don't see that it was effective.

If you force "what's good for you" speeches into any medium, kids will start gravitating to a new medium.


Erin said...

So if we put "what's good for you" speeches all over TV and video games, we can gravitate kids towards books again?

Ben Wyman said...

I started commenting on this, but ended up writing so much I figured I'd better copy it over to my blog and post myself. It's up now if you want to read it.

Woody said...

I wondered what those ashes were on the other side of my computer screen.