Monday, May 07, 2007

Bonds and Steroids

There has been some sports-page commentary about the racial gap in the poll numbers about Barry Bonds. To some, it's a big deal because 76% of white people think Bonds used steroids, versus on 37% of blacks. There has been some muttering that some black people are letting race interfere with their judgment, blah, blah.

But I understand that. People want to believe the best about folks they see as their own, and have a high standard of proof for believing accusations against them. I think people from NH are smarter and better than people from VT, ME, and especially, MA. I root for Americans in sports I've never heard of, followed by UK, Canada, Australia, Sweden, and Romania, though that's probably not the order. I think it's unfair when bald guys get voted off the island. So I have to figure if I were black, I could theoretically be part of that 67% who stares and says "prove it."

Here's my problem. Who are those 24% of white guys who think Bonds didn't use steroids? He obviously did. Some of them might be Giants fans, I guess. Rooting for your team can also cause you to overlook the obvious.

Overlooking the obvious is a very human characteristic. I am convinced that the Boston Celtics never commit any fouls, for example. But overlooking the obvious for no reason is just stupid.


Woody said...

Now, Al Sharpton is going to make you apologize.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Yeah, you can make it sound bad, especially if you don't read the whole thing.

Ben Wyman said...

I'm just afraid that this will become a Roger Maris issue - that at first, people will complain that it's unfair, but over time it will become acceptable and no one will even really remember the controversy. And Bonds will simply be considered the greatest of all time.