Thursday, May 10, 2007

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

My visits to convenience stores are always a bit of a puzzle. Waiting in the checkout line, I wonder who Nick and Jessica are. Really. I'm not just saying that as a snooty way of announcing that I am far above popular culture at that level (though that is one of the implications you are supposed to absorb). I look at them and wonder TV? Movies? Music? I try to guess, then try to guess what kind of movies or music.

Marcia Brady is on the cover of something that begins with an OK this week (month). More precisely, whoever it was who played Marcia Brady years ago, whose name I forget, is on the cover, with the announcement that she lost 38 lbs. at age 50. I am 54, and the Brady Bunch was just one year out of reach for me. Had I been born in 1954 I have little doubt I would have been as enamored of Marcia as everyone else seems to have been. She looks darn good for 50. I did find the teaser line for the story within a little disquieting, though. Something, something, talks about her addiction to cocaine - and chocolate!

Does that seem odd to you? Is cocaine that run-of-the-mill in some circles?

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