Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mixed Metaphor

Sen. James Webb, who gave the Democratic response to President Bush's SOTU address last night, said that the middle class is the backbone of the country, which is losing its place at the table. What would a backbone sit in at the table? Or maybe it's on the table? Maybe we used to be serving the middle-class as an entree, but they're off the menu now?

Fire that speechwriter, Webb.

Update: Webb was his own speechwriter. Glad I didn't send my kids to Georgetown.


terri said...

No, no, no...the COUNTRY is losing its place at the table.

wow, that must be one big table.
I wonder how many other countries have a place there.

I am certain that the middle class must be the servers at this gigantic table, at which we have no place to eat the backbones...which probably come from pork sent over by Congress.

Nothing like a barbecue after the state of the union.

(it's late and I'm tired)

Anonymous said...

So the Patriot Act is violating our privacy by imposing a Spinal Tap?

Ben Wyman said...

I'm sure all the low-income families who work multiple minimum wage jobs were thrilled to discover they're not the people who are supporting America, and they're also hogging the table.

If we're dividing up parts that everyone can play, I move that James Webb not be the mouth.