Tuesday, January 02, 2007

About Those Generalizations - Reprise

Reprinted from last January. Attentive readers will see earlier forms of my recent focus on Tribes in the essay. (Slight editing)

Setting up a new computer gave me more time to read than post. In several comments sections of the right-of-center blogs I frequent, visiting liberals often complain about the overgeneralization and echo-chamber quality of rightie blogs. I composed a lengthy essay partly acknowledging the justice of the accusation, but trying to make some distinctions about which generalizations are logically justified and which are a simple descent into stereotype.

I threw away the essay, decided not to be so defensive, and resolved to view the world more objectively. I don't like it when liberals overgeneralize about conservatives - especially since they usually get it wrong - so it stands to reason that I should endeavor to exercise due diligence in objectivity myself. To cleanse the palate, I avoided all political discussion and reading this weekend, resolving to enter my very liberal workplace Monday with fresh eyes and ears.

Conservatives know approximately what happened to me next

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