Thursday, January 18, 2007

Climate Change Debate - Avoided

Tigerhawk describes the debate in the Danish media that was supposed to take place between Al Gore and climate scientist Bjorn Lomborg.
The interview had been scheduled for months. Mr. Gore's agent yesterday thought Gore-meets-Lomborg would be great. Yet an hour later, he came back to tell us that Bjorn Lomborg should be excluded from the interview because he's been very critical of Mr. Gore's message about global warming and has questioned Mr. Gore's evenhandedness. According to the agent, Mr. Gore only wanted to have questions about his book and documentary, and only asked by a reporter. These conditions were immediately accepted by Jyllands-Posten. Yet an hour later we received an email from the agent saying that the interview was now cancelled.

Read it all here.


Woody said...

What a surprise! Liberal politicians have always been treated with kid gloves by the media and do not expect to be really questioned.

Jerub-Baal said...

Several years ago, I made a point of reading through the IPCC reports (read the sections for North America and Europe, and bits of Africa, if I'm remembering correctly). Even the report itself was full of caveats and hedging. It struck me then as being very wooly statistical work, and not as science at all. That was before I had read any of the dissenting work.

As I understand history, the Vikings found the Canadian Maritimes c 1000 AD, and named them Vinland because they found abundant grapes growing there. Last I heard, there were no wild grape varieties that are hardy enough to grow much north of mid-NH and the White Mountain region (even in valleys or coastal Maine).

So until it's warm enough for the wine industry to expand into Nova Scotia, I'd say we have some space to work out solutions other than Herr Gore's agenda.