Saturday, January 20, 2007


I comment on about a dozen blogs a day, and read a dozen more to see if they've got anything new. I'll throw in comments there from time to time. I love the net.

The point is, you see, that people read my opinion. That's why I have my own blog in the first place, right? I have this unfortunate tendency to make every other comment in a conversation, regardless of how many other people are present. My family is pretty good at cutting in and limiting me to 1/4-1/3 of the statements if they are present. It's not that I'm not fascinated by what others say. You won't find anyone who will listen and remember as well as I will. Well, usually. But I must believe in my heart of hearts that once someone says something, the most cogent response in the room is the one I wish to make.

This showed up dramatically in speaking Romanian. I put all my energy into expressing myself, and despite my lack of facility for languages, I could get something of my idea across to just about anyone. What they said back to me, I never understood. But why would that matter, exactly? I act like I've understood, slap them on the back, and try to answer them in some way. And if I actually have understood them somewhat, so much the better! What more could you want?

So you visitors from your own blogs, I do remember what you wrote. I remember what the other commenters said as well. And I'll think about it, and quote you, and tell everyone what a fine fellow you are. Or canny lass, as the case may be. They don't have a category for best commenter on the weblog awards every year, but if they did, I'd be nominated.

Just remember it's my turn to speak next.


Anonymous said...

You understand human nature well indeed---all of its conceits and vagaries and egoism. What you wrote about bloggers and their comments is exactly the point.

waca waca said...

AVI...just for clarification..

Is this a post about not wanting dissenting comments on your blog, or a post directed at bloggers whom have had you comment on their blogs?

Are you annoyed at the comments here or at the response to your comments elsewhere?

I am confused. :-)
(that's usually normal for me!)

Anonymous said...

I'll nominate you. Thanks for commenting - you keep me on my toes.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

t- no hidden message here. Just making fun of myself. I love comments here. As you will notice, I usually respond to them. I even dominate my own comments section.

TeeJaw said...

Most commenters don't read the other comments and just want to post their own comment so after a while the whole comment list makes no sense.

Jerub-Baal said...

Another thing is that most commenters want their say, and don't bother to read the other comments. So comment threads tend to stop making sense after a while.

And get repetitive.

...Oh, wait...