Friday, August 28, 2009

Best of May 2006

Four posts about how Boomer political fashions eventually became their religious beliefs: That 60's theology; that 70's show; Jim Wallis in Sunday School; and related bit about the superstition of socialism, Step on a Crack.

Two posts on theology neither right nor left, Labora Est Ora and another about extremely long life.

My fun times at Diversity Training.

Boy Names and Girl Names

Advice on child-rearing, much of which I learned a little late. Playing Defense Against Your Children.

What's the Real World, anyway?

And defending American children against all those criticisms about how stupid they are. Including good things about McDonald's and bad things about service in Europe.

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karrde said...

Loved the sports metaphor in the "playing defense against your children".

Though I am currently childless, I was somewhat aware of my parents tactics during my childhood; more so during my young siblings childhood.