Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Best of April 2006

This going to take forever.

I did a series on Faux Logic: Four Parts of it are here

My pictures from Budapest, including the interior of Matthias Church (click to expand). Others under April 2006 on the sidebar. Relatedly an update on Dragostea Din Tei (the Numa-Numa Song), which I still love. A better video here.

My idea of sending our poor people on vacations to poorer countries, and another original idea about birthrates and being a victim or an oppressor nation.

A combined political and linguistics post about the term nazi.

Mildly humorous rants about prophecy, addiction to advocacy, and Jimmy "Birdhouse" Carter.

More seriously. The Last Gift of Mary Magdalene.

Thoughts on the Duality of Islam and Perpetual Life.

And Always and Never.


karrde said...

I like the idea of poor people vacationing in Mexico.

(Will they come back with a much healthier respect for the lowly Public Works people who run the city water supply? Or a better respect for lowly things like zoning boards?)

The series on logic is interesting. It is much more informative than a discourse on the classical Logical Fallacies.

Most of those fallacies exist as evidence of the deeper things you mention.

jlbussey said...

Oh sure, get that damn song stuck in my head again! :)