Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why waste your time in medical school?

When you can become a doctor just by saying it? Me, I'm going to perform gallbladder surgery this evening. Can't be that hard.


Retriever said...

It really was a bizarre story! She seemed to have no remorse or even embarassment at being caught in a lie. It reminds me that when I was an exiled expat American brat in S. America as a kid, our housekeeper's worst snapped insult (she didn't much like us) was to say that we were "Sin Verguenza!" (without shame). Our culture has so recoiled from excessive guilt, that whole groups of people now never seem to have consciences.

Gringo said...

Maybe that's where the term "meatball surgery" came from.

Yes, Retriever, "sin verg├╝enza" is a good insult from down there. Another of my favorites is "no tiene nombre," (he/she has no name), which to me is both a more genteel and more damning way of calling someone a bastard. Like saying someone is outside the pale, not worthy of a name.

J. L. said...

Surfed in from Neo-neocon and been checking out your blog. Impressive.

I think a protest should be launched whereby we clog Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee's email with emails claiming to be from fictitious doctors: i.e. "Dr. Love", "Dr. Bombay", "Dr. McCoy", "Dr. Pepper," "Marcus Welby MD". Each email offers some fictitious recommendation for health care, in keeping with the character.