Saturday, August 01, 2009

Best of February 2006

I just figured out this is going to take a year to do this series.

February 2006 Ben was working the Winter Olympics in Torino. It doesn't bear much on current events, but those who are interested can click on the first of the Commenter's Blogs and hit the archives.

Games Mad, about Gaelic hurling
Psychiatric cop-outs

Habitat For Humanity goes liberal O'Sullivan's Law

Types of Liberty. Our forefathers meant something different

Thoughtful articles from the Social Affairs Unit

Reflections on the Second Commandment. A hobbyhorse of mine.

Parallel Hatreds. About prejudice against ethnics.

The actual influence of Black English

Hukt On Fonix

The necessity of self-mockery.

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Gringo said...

AVI, I have a question on the Black English thread.