Thursday, July 30, 2009


Tigerhawk has an interesting bit that shows a seldom-noticed similarity between John McCain and Eric Liddell. C'mon, you Concord Christian students had to watch "Chariots of Fire" repeatedly. Take a guess.


Erin said...

Knew how to play the theme song on the piano at an early age, but I never saw it.

My word verification is "ingso" How Orwellian.

Ben Wyman said...

I thought perhaps it was when they ran for something, everyone called them "unconventional."

the real answer was cooler.

karrde said...

Before I look...both spent time in a foreign prison during wartime?

Liddell wasn't a soldier, and so wasn't a POW. But he was interned at a Japanese camp for missionaries and other foreign nationals late during his time in China.

karrde said...

Oh, that's it. I hadn't known about Liddell having enough notoriety to get release, and giving up his release so that another could go.

(I did know that Liddell died in that camp in Weihsien, now known as Weifang. Curiously, I read an autobiographical book by someone else who was interned in that camp. That book mentioned Liddell in passing, and that led me to read a biography of Liddell, which led me to the movie.)