Saturday, August 22, 2009

Coffee Stains

We used to play a car game when the children were young. What is Mom's favorite song? What is Jonathan's favorite food? We would each guess, and then be given the correct answer by the referenced person. One episode became legendary in the family, when the question was What is Dad's favorite color? and Ben, likely about seven, answered with a snigger "White, with coffee stains." Ouch.

My oldest son turned 30 today and spilled coffee. I am 30% amused by this and 70% wincing in embarrassment and having bequeathed this life to him.


Boethius said...

Your oldest is thirty years old! My oldest child is two years behind yours and I am not quite sure how I am going to handle that milestone. How are you psychologically handling having a 30 year old?

Sam L. said...

My favorite color is plaid.