Monday, March 06, 2023

Silver In The Dishwasher

Apparently the experts disagree. The simple version is that it is not absolute best, but it is fine as long as you choose a detergent without citrus or phosphates and handle the silver a little differently. The topic came up in the discussion over at Maggie's about his yearly reminder to use the good China more often. 

I turn 70 next month and would use both every night for the joy of it and the simplifying of storage and thus life in general, but my wife just doesn't feel right about it and sees it as extra work. She does the dishes, so she makes the call.


james said...

"They recommend that you first thoroughly rinse all food particles off each piece."

You might as well rub it with a soapy cloth first. Then the only additional hassle involved with silverware is drying it.

Donna B. said...

By the time you jump through all the hoops to "safely" wash sterling or silverplate in the dishwasher, you could have had it washed and dried by hand and put up.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Yes, it does have that feel, doesn't it?

Korora said...

Donna B.
I guess you could say that your conclusion is... elementary. ;รพ

Frances said...

During her latter years, Mum would host us every other for Chinese take-away and would use her good china and silverware. All went into the dishwasher and survived.