Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Second Autopsies

Colin Kaepernick is going to sponsor second autopsies for everyone who has a "police-related" death. I suppose there is a chance this could turn out well, because I think what the data will show is that the first autopsies and death certificates were mostly correct.  And hey, I have nothing against exposing those that weren't. That is healthy for us all in the long run. But you know, there is plenty of data already on these subjects.  It is just denied and ignored.

I suspect we are not going to get a fair reporting of the data, as with the investigation of the Ferguson, MO police, which both Obama and Eric Holder misrepresented. There was good info there, and some of it was even used for legitimate reforms.  But it was mostly an excuse to show that the police were racist, and when it showed the opposite attention had to be diverted.  I fear the same thing here.  The few cases where there has been malfeasance will be trumpeted as if they are normative.  And when the deaths were people of color, key details will be obscured.


Christopher B said...

A man with two watches never knows what time it is.

james said...

If there is any discrepancy at all between the two, those aspects of each that can be made most unfavorable to the unpopular party (right now the police) will be melded into a 'synthetic autopsy' that shows how bad that unpopular party's action was.
And be used to show how little one can trust the coroner who always sides with & so on.
And give a veneer of plausibility to fake autopsy reports.

Aggie said...

That man is just one 'do-over' after another, isn't he?

ruralcounsel said...

Depends on who does the second autopsies and whether the results are going to be influenced by who is paying for them.

We've already seen that other public officials are easily swayed by who funds them, or perhaps who funds them is a function of what type of ideology they have. The Soros-backed DA's as a case in point.

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Assistant Village Idiot said...

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