Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Analysis of the Trump Case in SDNY Being Dropped

Having done the work himself in that very district, Andrew McCarthy at National Review has his usual very interesting analysis into what just happened and what might happen from here.


Christopher B said...

Shamelessly stolen - This proves Donald Trump is not a ham sandwich.

Christopher B said...

Seth Barret Tillman has thoughts about interpreting the resignations.

Aggie said...

A blogger with the handle of DawsonSField has a Twitter stream that focuses on the fruits of federal investigations. He regularly reports on international, federal, and state corruption cases and follows them through the justice phase. It's an interesting perspective, not saying I buy into it, but it does sometimes ring. If you think we never get the straight story from the media, DawsonSField is of the opinion that the top echelons in the Justice organizations worldwide are sometimes adept at keeping their business to themselves, their investigations clandestine, and more effective than is known - which makes it easier for them to do better in future cases.

Here is his thread on the Trump case being dropped:

It takes a long time to build & prosecute cases like these, and one of his frequent tags on stories like this is #Butnothingshappening.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Great stuff. Give me more, folks. When there is clearly a story behind the story, I always want to know what the possibilities are, at least. I may believe none of them, but I want to try some theories on.