Saturday, February 05, 2022

Eggs Update

I mentioned a few weeks ago that because of new rules about what eggs could be sold, the supermarket we get the donations from for the halfway house downtown had boxes and boxes of eggs. Today when I brought them over to the loading door for the house kitchen, they said they didn't have room for so many eggs, they already have plenty.  So I called Food For Children about a mile south, which hands out food to families every Saturday.  Nope, they didn't need them.  They got two pallets yesterday.  My town's food pantry already had too many as well. I did find a taker in a neighboring food pantry, but they said what i brought would last them a month. It is likely more than a 150 cartons. 

A month ago I was feeling uncomfortable about wasting a whole carton of eggs because of one cracked or broken one.  Today I was wondering whether 150 cartons were doing to the dump.  Starting next week, they probably will. The food charities only need a percentage of what is being donated, even when they push another carton on anyone who takes one.  I notified a few other food pantries farther afield of the situation and the opportunity for eggs, but there are just going to be too many eggs for the foreseeable future. Very much a pity.  I supposed it's a comfort that lots of families will at least have all the eggs they want if they can just get to one of the locations they are being given out, or can send a friend. 

I suspect that because the stores are going to be taking more of a breakage loss on eggs, the price will go up. One of those imbalances that just happens in real life until everything in the system adjusts.


Thos. said...

Around here, if there's groceries that can't be sold and the pantries can't or won't take them (and especially if there's any significant quantity) then there's usually someone who's raising pigs that will be happy to take them.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Yes, one of the charities has pig farmers who come help with the distribution on Saturday and then take the remainder home. I don't have them on speed dial, but someone is going to need to. I do have a couple of smaller charities who might take a portion of them.