Monday, February 28, 2022

Our Daily Data

Listening to my son's podcast, they were doing a send up of the prosperity gospel churches in Houston, which seems to be awash in them. "If you want the newest and best iPhone, you should pray for that." They started to riff on that immediately

"Give us this day, our daily data..."

"...thy browsing be done..."

"Lead us not into 5G..."

"Forgive us our tweets, as we forgive those who subtweet against us..."

Great fun. Only later did it occur to me that this is nonetheless a true application to modern day.  No, not the praying for the best phone, but recognising what it is we are depending on, where our real temptations to anger and meanness lie, and what evils people do actually get worried about these days, rather than the deeper evils that the Church has been warning against for 2000 years (and extending even back further into history).

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