Thursday, November 04, 2021

Humorous or Profound?


Possible Essays:

CS Lewis

HG Wells

Douglas Adams

Isaac Asimov

The Revelation to John

David Hume


james said...

"How long do I have, doc?"
"10 what?"

james said...

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures say, "A sack of corn for a c-note, and a pound of coffee for two c-notes, but don't touch the poppies or the soy."

james said...

"Those amateur time traveling idiots monkeyed with the time line and turned it into spaghetti. And then the TimeTeam Enforcers went hunting to fix the mess, and made it almost infinitely worse. We're taking over, and trimming out the time loops and knots they introduced. I appreciate that this may be an inconvenience, but this branch is one of those that has to go."

james said...

"His interference led to an altogether unexpected change in fashion, which we hope soon to reverse. The vermin are taking seriously the silly slogan 'Be here now'. Luckily there are great opportunities for inducing complacency."

Sam L. said...

I'm for Douglas Adams. I used to like Ike, but he lost me.