Tuesday, November 16, 2021


"The explanatory footnote is an excuse to let the law review writer be obscure and befuddled in the body of his article and then say the same thing at the bottom of the page the way he should have said it in the first place... The footnote foible breeds nothing but sloppy thinking, clumsy writing, and bad eyes." Yale Law School professor Frank Rodell "Goodbye to Law Reviews" Virginia Law Review 1936.
It's hard not to admire the man. However, it is worth observing that no one seems to have paid the least attention to him here.


james said...

Was that in a footnote?

Zachriel said...

Well¹ said².³

¹ Not to be confused with a deep hole made in the ground through which water can be removed.
² Stated as opinion or belief.
³ This limited approval is for the one instance only and is not to be construed as assent for all such utterances.

Sam L. said...

Zach? you have amused me.

Donna B. said...

Zach... perfect!

Korora said...

Zach... Beverage alert!