Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Come Raise Your Cup


I did the show my freshman year of college and was one of the tradesmen. My accent was terrible, in retrospect. It was a fun song, though. The musical is based on "The Importance of Being Earnest." I don't think it is regarded as an improvement by most people, but I still hum a few of the songs. 

Lady Bracknell: Oh a handbag, a handbag is not a proper mother 

Not a proper mother 

Not a proper mother 

Jack Worthing: Would it help if I told you I have a younger brother 

LB: I fear younger brothers rarely are a boon. 

JW: Lady Bracknell, aren't you being rather frigid?

LB: Frigid? Not I, sir!

JW: But it's me your daughter wants to marry.

LB: Where my daughter is concerned I must be RIGID!

I am a mother, First and Last!

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