Friday, August 06, 2021


I don't think Cuomo is that unusual, but Democrats seem to have concluded that he is likely to become an albatross about their necks. To partially mix metaphors (because I am at least sticking with ocean birds) he is the penguin that is getting pushed off the ice to feed the killers in the water. 

Therefore, I am not outraged and demanding his resignation. I do have a long-simmering anger that Democrats are only outraged when it looks like they will pay a political cost. It is shame culture versus guilt culture, and they are entirely on the "shame" side of it. I think I had better post on the difference between the two. Spoiler alert: Shame culture is not better.


Uncle Bill said...

I have a suspicion that the current drive to remove Cuomo because of his "sexual harassment" is strictly because he has become a liability, that needs to be eliminated in the least costly way. His handling of Covid is much worse, but the Democrats can't admit that, so they have drummed up these charges as a way to get rid of him, and act like they are doing the morally right thing in the process.

Mike Guenther said...

Democrats can't go after Cuomo for his handling of COVID-19 for two reasons. #1- If Cuomo goes down for his Covid-19 response, then it would start a domino effect and several other democrat governors would also go down with him.

#2- For the last year and a half, the left has been lavishing praise on Cuomo for his handling of COVID-19.