Sunday, August 15, 2021


I look on in horror. We had Iraq won but Obama pissed it away.  Now it is Biden's turn, though I can't claim we were winning on this one.  But this is catastrophe. Grim summarises what's completely inaccurate about the president's speech, even as he is saying it

It will be all the news for a little while, then it will go away in the elite media. The lessons learned will be entirely backward.  Except for some.  I still hold hold hope that a few more will learn each time.


dmoelling said...

The rubric, "foreign wars are not something the USA should be involved with" has a long history. But in almost every war since the Civil War, we were forced to get involved late and with great cost.

I like to believe that any President upon entering office, wanders at night to the briefing room and looks at the world maps. The question he asks is who is going to blow the world up this time. The second question is to ask "how to I keep these guys and their conflicts far away from the USA". We have ended up with troops based close to trouble makers all over the world.

Right now the likely culprits are the same as always. China/North Korea, Iran/Afghanistan/Pakistan, and Russia. There are no real threats from all of South America, Subsaharan Africa and South East Asia. This takes real work by diplomats, military and others over long time scales. Any President must take on this responsibility.

stevo said...

It's still better to be out. The American empire is over. If only we could focus on our own problems.