Thursday, August 13, 2020



I thought, on my walk, that it would be fun to point out that while it was clothes in 1966, it is politics and cultural beliefs now, though I don't expect many from my era to see that.

But that's too easy, isn't it?  I have pointed out many times how much of politics is fashion, and I am neither the only nor the best of those. If people were defended against hearing this the first thousand times they heard it, even The Kinks aren't likely to bring the message home.  But at about 2:30 a phrase went by I had not quite noticed before: "In matters of the cloth he is a fickle as can be..." and I thought of the other use of "the cloth," as clergy.  It's nothing Ray Davies intended, but the principle holds. So much of the institutional church can talk of little but the news. Followers.  Prisoners, even.

I am oversensitive to this because that was me when young, and I have not outgrown it even now, I admit.

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