Saturday, August 15, 2020

Epsilon Theory

James linked to an article about Gell-Man Amnesia which explains in excellent form a favorite idea of mine for years, that we properly disbelieve the news whenever it touches on something we actually know about, but when we turn the page, we believe what we read next.  I followed the internal links of the article, and am still following the internal links of those articles, so this may take a while.  It is an excellent site in general about counterfeit news & fake news, technology invading our privacy, and simply approaching all news with caution. It is not merely examples of news organisations, politicians, or companies doing bad things.  It offers considerable analysis, and relating what is happening in one area to history and things we already know from other experience.

You know how I love analogies.  I have way to much trust in people who teach via analogies. One of his analogies even reminded me of a post I was going to write months ago, but had forgotten.  Except now I'm going to be reading Epsilon Theory for a while and writing little.

For those who feel he is being unfair to Trump and just one more basher, believe me that he has gone hard after Democrats and Obama in specific, especially when they were more in power. He sees the Washington Post and Mark Zuckerberg as currently powerful as well and they are especial targets. He is interesting on a couple of CoVid and returning-to-school topics.  At least, my scanning of the titles and first sentences looked like some different takes. 

There is an expensive paid version which seems to include his investment advice, and free versions of shorter articles.

Thanks, James. BTW, he also remembers my archives better than I do, again.

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james said...

When you find a good lode, you mine it. Thank you.