Monday, October 21, 2019

Worst That Could Happen

I had thought it was a solo act with sweeteners added in studio. I was wrong. They are rather the end of an era for 1969, though, aren't they? Doo-wop hanging on. Still, I sang along in the car today, which is why I posted it here. It is a musical trick to inject excitement into a song by modulating up a half step*.  Note how many times the use that.

* And in American Musical theater, if you also slow down, everyone expects that you are going immediately into a kick line, and will begin applauding, Pavlov-style.  

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james said...

Of course the singer is playing a manipulative jerk, but the song flows very well, and there's that wonderful line that hints at a smidgen of self-awareness; that the other man makes her feel "so safe, so sane, and so secure."