Friday, October 25, 2019


There is an update to the post See Ourselves, which I draw attention to because the update is more than just a minor editing.


Christopher B said...

Re Pickelhaubes and Cross Pattees (aka Iron Cross, which I think you meant instead of Iron Horse)

These are German in origin but neither of them are specifically Nazi as they far predate the Nazis. Grim even uses the Cross Pattee in his site design. The German WWII 'coal scuttle' helmet design is derived from the much earlier Pickelhaube, and has been widely copied including by the US military. People are now conflating anything vaguely Teutonic with the Nazis. I don't know if this is entirely deliberate but I think it is in some cases. Look up 'Iron Cross' on SJW-pedia and you find the obligatory 'graph about it being adopted by white supremacists after 2000. Bosh from 27 year old know-nothings. The small number of guys who want to LARP as neo-Nazis aren't using symbols that were just fine to display in a Peanuts cartoons from the 1970s. They are skipping over this cartoon stuff and going right for the swastikas.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I got the Iron Crosses right once but slipped and wrote Iron Horse for unknown stupid reasons the second time. Fixed. Thanks.

You are correct that it is simply ridiculous fourth-cousin-to-a-nazi stuff. However, it is not only the left that does this. Some of the alt-right has commandeered the symbols and embrace the connection. It is very difficult to recapture symbols once evil people have appropriated them. That's why they picked the symbols in the first place, because they were powerful and they wanted to piggyback on the popularity of others.

Sam L. said...

AVI, you were railroaded into that Iron Horse! DANG! Did that silly come out?