Thursday, October 17, 2019

Theodore Dalrymple on Elizabeth Warren

The set-up debate quote of Warren's that garnered all the attention has been examined by Dalrymple for its larger cultural meaning, over at City Journal.
If I were a Marxist, I would say that Warren’s attitude was a means by which she strove to protect the interests and power of the upper-middle classes against those of the lower classes, for the higher up the social scale you go, the stronger the institution of marriage becomes, for all its hypocrisies and betrayals. The upper-middle classes pretending to despise marriage are no more sincere than was Marie Antoinette playing shepherdess, though they do more harm by their pretense than Marie Antoinette ever did, for no one was ever encouraged to become a shepherdess by her playacting.
It's fun to make fun of traditional things and people, while still enjoying the benefits of them.


Aggie said...

She is at least as calculating, cynical, and dishonest as Hillary is, except better-educated, more intellectual, and perhaps slightly less greedy. I think they are both psychopaths. Her great weakness is the obvious insincerity of her compulsive lying. As they say in Texas, 'She would lie when the truth sounded better'.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

My version from psychology is "I wouldn't believe him if he told me he was lying."