Friday, October 11, 2019


The website is "Make It," and has the unfortunate tone of assuming that making money as the #1 goal of all of us.  I did, however, like this particular article about focus as the most important quality going forward. We have come through an age where intelligence may have been the most important attribute for getting ahead, wherever "ahead" is, though a dozen other qualities might work as well at an individual level. I have speculated that adaptability, flexibility, is the coming thing, and I do still think that is on the rise. But the idea that focus will be the new first among equals was instantly convincing to me. Not only will it work at an individual level, but techniques to increase focus - or reduce distractability - in work groups seemed useful as well. The nurses wearing orange vests at particular periods of their shift to signal that this was a time they could not be interrupted? That made immediate sense to me. The times I would use an orange vest in my own job would be uncommon. I might find that necessary only for an hour every other day. Yet for those times, not being interrupted would indeed valuable. The other data about interruptions was interesting as well.


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