Monday, August 26, 2019

Three Short Essays on Freedom and Speech

Megan McArdle at the Washington Post What Is The Greatest Threat To Free Speech? American Renaissance reprinted it, so I avoid the paywall. May 2018

The Prison-House of Political Language.  Includes a nice little Newspeak dictionary.  Quillette. June 2018. 

And let us round this out with a much older essay by George Orwell in 1944, just to remind us that some words lost their meaning before we were even born.  What Is Fascism?

When I get to 2019, I can't really call then "old links" anymore, can I?  It defeats the purpose of the series.  Yet there are about twenty more from before this year, and another twenty (so far) since January 2019. I think when I hit January 1st in my march to the present I will stop until we reach January 2020, then start up again.

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