Friday, August 09, 2019

Another Set Of Old Links

Because Journolist just came up in my conspiracy post, this discussion from 2010 came up as well. Something similar surfaced about Weigel in 2017. It's pretty ugly what happens in journalism.  Pray it does not happen in your field.  It's expanding.

A remarkable prophecy about Affirmative-Action from 1969 which Powerline brought forward in November 2017. I has done nearly the opposite of what it hoped.

I had great hopes for the education program Graduation 2010, a district-wide K-12 program to improve cognitive skills in general, in everyone, in a poor county in Kentucky. Because I stopped hearing about it in 2008 or so I suspected the news might not be good.  I had cause to look it up again in 2017 in a Facebook debate. So sad, really.

Why Doesn't Daniel Shaver's Life Matter?

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