Thursday, August 01, 2019

Party Declaration

I forgot to mention that I changed my party affiliation to "Undeclared" a few weeks ago.  In NH you don't say "Independent," because that is occasionally the name of an actual party.


Christopher B said...

So really a part-ing declaration.

Donna B. said...

When I lived in Louisiana, I registered as a Democrat because I wanted a say in local races. Where I live now (Alabama, but the strange part of Alabama that is Huntsville) I don't have the years of local knowledge. I'm starting from the ground up again, so registered as an independent. Regardless how I register, I'm "undeclared" until I cast my vote.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

It matters because of the primaries here

sykes.1 said...

I hope you don't think voting for a committed communist and anti-American like any of the Democrats is a rational option. Nowadays, voting for any Democrat is a morally depraved act, an act that threatens the lives and jobs of your own children.

I, too, am registered in Ohio as an Independent, which is not a party in Ohio, and which is equivalent to your undeclared.

I am ashamed to admit that several of my relatives in NH did in fact vote for that monster Hillary.