Saturday, August 10, 2019


I don't even have speculations.  James turns over a few rocks at his site, and Chicago Boyz has a go at it. I fall back on my usual responses when puzzled.

Common things are common.
Wait for more information.

Update:  James adds "Follow the money, if you can." Another good foundational rule for these things.


james said...

I agree. Follow the money, if you can. And, as with NTSB reports, that takes time. Especially if nobody is subpoenaing anything because there's no prospect of a trial.
I don't think my life will be substantially different no matter what the findings.

Jonathan said...

Unusual event, competing narratives, most people have very limited information. I'm as suspicious of the media, elites, Clintons et al as anyone is but I say wait and see. Let journalists rush to judgment; the rest of us have no need to.