Wednesday, October 31, 2018

You Have To Read Between The Lines

The post from my sidebar with that title isn't breaking news, but I think it worth highlighting because if is evidence of so many things.  It is evidence of media bias. It is evidence that truth is not only not the main consideration, it doesn't reach 50%. (As there is some reward in odd corners for this unpopular POV - it is not all punishment - it means that truth is actually well less than 50% of the decision.) It is evidence of self-censorship because of academic vindictiveness, which is evidence of both cowardice and lack of free inquiry in some subjects (and growing every year). It is evidence of the strength of genetic arguments, if even some of their opponents acknowledge them in private.


Sam L. said...

Points of view must be restricted to THE ONE TRUE POV. Dissenters MUST be silenced.

Murph said...

I am reminded of Natan Sharansky's "town square" test (and how we, the U.S., are currently failing that test):

Assistant Village Idiot said...

A remarkable link. Good pickup