Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Trump Supporters, a Third Time.

I think Donna B's guess was pretty close.  I took a census among the commenters at those sites, and it's just a few people that actually are behaving like rude fools. More emphatic and ruder, but not more numerous.

It's a relief, actually.


Boxty said...

I skipped commenting over the Christmas season but I found your series interesting. I think the deplorables are becoming more strident and angry because, as Ann Coulter said, they weren't chanting for corporate tax cuts or Iran at the Trump rallies.

Then there was the thing with Roy Moore. We're always told by the GOPe to vote for the candidate that has the best chance of winning. Well, after the Alabama primary that was Moore. But almost immediately the GOPe were out to backstab Moore. Some suggested that the GOPe were behind the allegations of sexual misconduct. Those same Congressmen that turned their back on Moore before the print in the WaPo was even dry didn't have a problem with Strom Thurmond or Robert Byrd (not worth checking the spelling on either of them).

So, 1) Not Winning, and 2) GOPe Perfidy.

The successes that you like (deregulation, tax cuts, etc.) don't win elections. Even winning the Iraq War I didn't help George H. Bush. And that was a clear cut slam dunk, unlike Iraq War II.

Here in California, we apparently can't even buy ammuniton anymore because the legislature is requiring a license to sell ammuntion, but never bothered to set up a system of registration. So nothing on the Second Amendment, even though we were promised it on Day One.

You probably don't follow the alt-right, but many of the alt-right figures have been banned from Twitter, YouTube etc. for wrongthink. So there you have Trump telling the mullahs to open up the Iranian internet while allowing the Marxists to shut ours down.

Dennis Prager says were in a cold civil war. I think our leaders keep pushing us closer to a violent conflict. Emotions are going to get a lot hotter over time.

And I really don't care about Israel anymore. 80% of American Jews will vote Democratic (i.e. with the Marxists) no matter what Trump does.

Sorry for showing my deplorable side.

HMS Defiant said...

WRT ammo sales in California I have a modest proposal. I remember sitting on Blacks Beach at LaJolla and watching a couple of young teen boys pulling a wagon down the beach. They were selling cold beer to the naked people and making a good deal of money. With that in mind, how hard would it be for gun clubs to hire and "Ammo buyer/bearer" to go out of state and pick up tons of ammo in Yuma or Reno or Eureka? A small carrying fee for delivery would cover the costs and profit.
One of the most amusing things to me about the beach beer sales was the kids were only about 14 or 15. Here in Ohio the clerk who scans the alcohol the store is selling has to be over 21 or find someone over 21 to scan the item for sale. In California I think it was only illegal for kids to drink the stuff and vending at any age was allowed. I could be mistaken.